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I Didn’t Lose Any Weight on the 3 Day Refresh!

2014-07-31 17.09.16

I did not lose ANY weight on the 3 Day Refresh Program!

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Well, ok, maybe that’s not entirely true.


I chose to do the 3 Day Refresh because I had just returned from a vacation where I basically ate and drank whatever I wanted—for 6 whole days. With that choice comes bloat, fatigue, and an all around sense of discomfort from the overindulgence. My clothes didn’t fit right and I needed to get back on track.

Although I only lost 1 pound, I did lose an overall SIX INCHES!

-2.5” around my hips

-1.5” around my waist

-2” from my chest (isn’t that ALWAYS the case, ladies?!! Grr! Lol)


The moral of the story is—weight and the number on the scale does not always give the entire picture. This is why I often tell my clients and challengers to stay OFF the scale.


I feel the 3 Day Refresh is an amazing program that will detoxify your body and reset your system.

Stay tuned for my Top Tips on how to have success with the 3 Day Refresh, what to know beforehand, and what you may feel during!

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