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Stay on Track this 4th of July

Do you find it difficult to go to gatherings where there will be food? When going to a get together, whether during a holiday or any time, it can be stressful thinking about staying on track with healthy food. Here are some tips: 1. Drink water before you get there. This will help you feel […]

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Reach Your Goals and Gain Confidence

I have a MASSIVE fear of speaking in front of a large group–which is totally ironic considering I am a school teacher and a Coach. I conquered that fear during Beachbody Super Saturday in Las Vegas last week. I spoke about what makes someone successful, whether you are a Beachbody Coach or not, and how […]

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Shakeology Selfie

Holy crap! There was an ENORMOUS hive of Africanized Bees in my yard! This guy’s a bee warrior doing his thing and I’m over here watching while drinking Shakeology and taking selfies! #shakeologyselfie

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Push Up Challenge

It’s Mini Challenge Monday!! Ok, well, even if it’s NOT a Monday today, we can still CHALLENGE ourselves with some Pushups! Join the Push Up Challenge On your toes, knees, or even kneeling if you have to: do as MANY pushups as you can. Get your hands slightly outside your shoulders, elbows wide, core braced, […]

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